Engaging people about changing their daily lives can be a ‘hot button’ issue – it can be controversial and bring out strong emotions. It is even hard to communicate this issue for many within the climate change and communities advocating sustainability. There are ways to talk about transforming our ways of living with empathy and to support grounded, responsive, and inspiring conversations.

The good news is we are learning how to talk with and engage people on sustainable living.

Communication Scan on Sustainable Living

Explore examples of effective messaging and framing from 70 campaigns and projects as well as recommended tips and approaches.

Footprint Programs

Footprint quizzes are powerful at raising awareness. We offer recommendations on communicating them and catalyzing impactful action.

We know what doesn’t work:

  • Leading with doomsday messaging or providing one-way delivery of scientific information.
  • Oversimplifying – for example ‘top 10 lists’ – that lead us into a ‘small action’ trap: focusing attention on low impact actions.

A preview of what does work:

  • Grounding framing and messaging as relevant to people and their context.
  • Being compelling and clear in messaging and suggested actions.
  • Connecting ‘better living’ to the footprint numbers – sharing how happy healthy lives remain within ecological boundaries.
  • Envisioning future one-planet living and celebrate more sustainable ways of living that exist today.

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